Product Care

Be gentle with your jewelry. Remove your jewelry when exercising, showering, bathing, washing your hands or cleaning that could permanently damage precious metal and stones. Take your regular activities into consideration when wearing your jewelry, including potential for impact. Keep your jewelry away from intense sources of heat, extreme temperature changes, oils and perfumes.

Polish your jewelry with a lint-free, 100% cotton cloth. To refresh your jewelry, soak it in warm water with a little mild dish soap (using only soap with a neutral ph) and use a soft brush to remove any dirt and after rinse in cool water. After cleaning, ensure the items are thoroughly dry by patting them with paper towels. Please do not use any abrasive cleaners. Some at-home jewelry cleaners, steamers or ultrasonic machines can also do more harm than good. Always check the tightness of stones before and after cleaning. We recommend from time to time to doing a professional cleaning with a trusted jeweler.

Jewelry should be stored securely in fabric-lined or leather-lined boxes or pouch or wrapped in soft fabric. Please store each item safely away from other pieces to avoid unnecessary scratches.